Industrial Parts Services

Spiceland Wood Products offers a variety of wood cutting and manufacturing services, supporting OEMs and numerous industries with specialty products and parts, as well as complicated assemblies. We've been providing high quality, precision wood products and custom components throughout Indiana and the Midwest for over thirty years.  

Major Equipment List:

  • Thermwood CNC Overhead 3 axis Router CS40-510
  • Through-feed molders: Diehl DL-205; SCMI Superset 23; Two XL2000
  • Giben Fastmatic Panel Saw 168x168
  • Northtech Overhead Panel Sander
  • Powermatic saws

CNC Machining & Routing

Spiceland Wood Products utilizes Thermwood CNC overhead 3 axis router with 7 tool changer. We have a 5’ x 10’ vacuum table and Q-Core controls for accurate cutting of sheet goods. Machine control and design are via MasterCam 2018, eCabinets or imported .dwg, .dxf, .jpeg or .pnc files. Currently we routinely cut wood and fiber components as well as selected plastics.

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Molding & Millwork

We have 4 through-feed molders with 5 head flexibility and a max blank size of 6x9”. We have in-house the ability to cut custom knives for creating or duplicating any shape, including a dowel up to 1.75” diameter.

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Panel Saw Cutting

Our Giben Fastmatic has an opening capacity of 14’ x 14’ and is programmable for efficient use of materials. Maximum cut thickness is 3.5” with maul load/unloading. We receive full sheets of products and cut-to-size into usable components for other manufacturers.

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Custom Wood Products

SWP is equipped with a complete wood manufacturing operation including the specific major equipment of CNC Router, Molders, Panel saw and Dowel machinery. Additionally, we have shapers, planers, sanders and routers along with all the woodworking tools necessary to design and fabricate many one-of-a-kind pieces for places like museum, displays, specialized holders.

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Dunnage and Custom Shipping Containers

Spiceland Wood Products (SWP) integrates CAD/CAM in designing & manufacturing customized dunnage to protect delicate equipment and instrumentation. We build shipping crates, storage crates & reusable wood crates. We custom-fit dunnage, saddles and fittings to stabilize your valuable shipment, assuring it will arrive secure and unbroken. Industries served by SWP include aerospace, DoD ordinance, trade show displays, furniture & casework.

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