Custom Wood Products

Full Service Wood Manufacturing Operation

Spiceland Wood Products (SWP) is a leader in cutting and manufacturing custom and specialty wood components for hundreds of industries and applications. SWP is equipped with a complete wood manufacturing operation including the specific major equipment of CNC Router, Molders, Panel saw and Dowel machinery. Additionally, we have shapers, planers, sanders and routers along with all the woodworking tools necessary to design and fabricate many one-of-a-kind pieces for places like museums, displays, and specialized holders.

Custom Wood Components and Services:

  • OEM Wood Components
  • Custom Casework (Architectural Casework)
  • Custom Wood Crates, Pallets & Storage Boxes
  • Wood Dunnage, Saddles, Blocks
  • Manufactured Wood Products
  • Wood Slats
  • Industrial Wood Products
  • Furniture Parts
  • Cabinet & Stair Railing Parts
  • Component Assembly (Wood Assemblies)
  • Plastic Laminate on MDF & Wood Panels, Casework and Surfaces
  • MDF Boxes
  • Custom Frames

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