Spiceland Industrial Parts Division

For many years, Spiceland Wood Products has been supporting OEMs with wood and fiber parts and components. SWP manufactures precision parts as well as complicated assemblies. We integrate our customers’ specifications for manufacturing to fit their needs. SWP machines many materials including plastics, paper board, fiber & engineered wood, and hardwood.

Utilizing our CNC overhead router, through-feed molders, panel saw and other wood working machinery, we can cut-to-size paneling, produce shapes or surfaces from laminate sheet, or lumber. SWP also provides assembly of multiple parts into a partial or finished component.

Some typical products include specialized shipping containers & dunnage, precision machinery mounts, gymnasium equipment components, wood trim, custom artwork framing stock, cabinet parts and casework, speaker boxes, and custom furniture components. We can ship via any method, including freight, LTL freight, parcel, or our truck.

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